Output Your Slideshow

Video slideshows are efficient, reliable and portable. Most video files play well on the average Mac or Windows machine, making them a great cross-platform choice. No matter how well planned an event; sometimes you just won’t know what type of computer will be available.

Videos come in a variety of formats and variations, from AVI to MOV. Selecting the most appropriate option can be a little daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Shoebox Memories creates slideshows in DVD and MP4 video formats which can be used across many platforms.

Final Tips

  • If you’ve saved your video slideshow to a USB drive, make sure to copy that onto the hard drive of your laptop before presenting it. If you play directly from the disc or USB drive itself, you may experience buffering (interruptions in playback) caused by the laptop having to read the video from a slower external device. You might also consider using an external DVD player to play a DVD slideshow.
  • If using a laptop, it's recommended that you disable your Screensaver. Nothing more annoying than enjoying the first half of a slideshow only to be interrupted by a screensaver.
  • Arrive early and test the setup before all your guests arrive. That way you’ll look like a pro when all you have to do is hit play!
  • Test everything and then test it again. We’ve all been to the rehearsal dinner where the slideshow doesn’t start up and play right away. Make sure to test everything before the big event!

What tips do you have about projecting a photo slideshow at an event? We’d love to hear from you!

Are you ready to make a slideshow for your event?

Far beyond any self-made PowerPoint presentation, at Shoebox Memories we take your memories to the next level! We have more than 12 years of experience creating slideshows for special events, and are happy to work with you to meet your needs!

Shoebox Memories aims to make this easy.

Provide photos, slides, and video clips to include. We'll scan your photos or provide you with a URL so you can upload them yourself. Do be sure to keep picture quality in mind. Low resolution images, like those from a mobile phone which are typically 72 dpi, will impact the quality of your slideshow. When we scan images for you, we adjust the image to 800 dpi to ensure the final product is crisp and clear.

  • Provide your own or use our royalty-free music
  • Complete your order form and clarify your needs
  • We will create a custom slideshow for you and provide you with a preview copy to approve before your project is finalized. You can choose DVD or MP4 (on a USB drive) options and we always return your original materials to you.

We look forward to helping make your event memorable. Contact us today!

Do you have a slideshow you’d like to share during an upcoming event? Display setups differ by location and you’ll want to be sure your event runs smoothly. Whether it’s a bar or bat mitzvah, rehearsal dinner, wedding, baby shower, memorial, or conference, we’ve got some great tips to help make sure your presentation plays perfectly.

Where will your slideshow be shown? If your event is in someone's home, do you plan to play it indoors with a TV/DVD player or outdoors with a projector? How will audio be played? If you are holding your event at a restaurant or reception hall the easiest thing is to ask the event planner you are working with. They will be able to tell you what's available, and what you need to bring.

Wherever and however you plan to display your slideshow, be sure to give yourself ample time before your event to ensure everything you’ll need is ready. It is also a good idea to schedule a test run before the event begins, so you can fine tune your setup without the pressure of a waiting audience.

We highly recommend projectors as they are excellent vehicles to use when displaying slideshows to any size group. We’ve provided guidance below on preparing your slideshow for a projector/TV display. Solid preparation will ensure you’re able to relax and enjoy your event. Good luck!

Projector/TV Display Hardware Checklist:

  • Laptop for playing the photo slideshow. Check your laptop’s battery and make sure you have a power cord and access to an outlet if needed.
  • Cables for connecting your laptop to a projector or TV. Will you need VGA, HDMI or DVI? How will you be connecting audio so you can hear background music?
  • External speakers (if needed) so you can broadcast the slideshow audio to the entire room.
  • Screen for projecting onto. You might use a traditional projector screen, a plain white wall, or even a white backdrop strung up between trees for a casual outdoor event. You’ll want to be sure your display surface is clean to ensure the highest quality possible for your display. If you're using a TV, make sure it's large enough and positioned so everyone can see it.


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